How to start the day right?



we make delicious granola -
good for you and for the planet

1/3 of food produced globally is wasted!

For our KRUSH granola, we use ingredients that are "perfectly imperfect".
In the traditional food industry, ingredients can be perceived as "too small", "crushed" or generally "not according to the standard looks". Only for that, they are discarded. We think that's ridiculous!


That's why we give these ingredients a second chance and transform them into a tasty and healthy breakfast. 

our ingredients

We rescue food, as much as possible. But what do we mean by "rescue"?


Did you know that flax seeds can be too small? Or do you know what happens to the brewer's grain after the beer brewing process? Click on the pictures of the ingredients to read more about how we prevent food waste.



How to better start a day than with a delicious and healthy breakfast?

We found many precious and diverse ingredients that we can rescue as part of our granola. So diverse that we couldn't pack them all in one: All are full of taste and are ideal if you want to eat less sugar for breakfast.