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This is the story of how we developed a [k]rush on rescuing food. Unfortunately, it doesn't start with"Once upon a time..." because still now 1/3 of food produced globally is wasted!


1/3 - that's way too much! But how can you change something as a consumer? Maybe you've already implemented measures at home to prevent food waste and it doesn't feel like it's enough? It seems impossible to go to the supermarket and “get your hand onto something that's from rescued sources". It's simply not available.

Acting sustainably seems to cost incredibly much time, money, and effort; Often seeming incompatible with our busy lives. Now, what? 

KRUSH-founder Heidi was working in the corporate world of the food industry for several years and saw tons and tons of perfectly edible food being wasted: Just because of wrong shapes, colours, crushed products, or sometimes because selling it wouldn’t cover the costs of production


Realizing that so many of the most-wasted ingredients are actually ideal breakfast cereal ingredients (grains, fruits & vegetables), Heidi started granola experiments, with rescued food, in her own kitchen. The first batches were sold at local markets where our first customers approved the concept: rescued food rocks!


Soon the production moved to a larger facility where we are able to rescue more food for more KRUSH. Thanks to amazing followership and the support from food rescuers we were able to develop and grow ever since. 


And the story goes on: Only together with you, we can make a real change. Let’s rescue food together!

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