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With this option, you'll receive four 1kg bags of KRUSH. Due to availability you'll receive a box with three different flavours. 



KRUSH is crunchy muesli made with rescued ingredients. Our mission is to rescue food from unnecessary food waste. Support our mission: With every 1kg of KRUSH sold we can rescue the equivalent of 1kg of fresh food. We currently have 4 different flavours: 

  • Apple & Walnut
  • Peanutbutter & Banana
  • Orange & Cocoa (currently not in stock)
  • Ginger & Beet Root 


We love healthy food, therefore, all our mueslis contain no refined sugar, only a little bit of (rescued) fruit syrup.  


Let's rescue food together! 


Price incl. tax 

4 x 1kg KRUSH

  • 4x1kg KRUSH

    (If not further specified you'll receive a mix of 1kg bags, depending on flavour availability)

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